Although there are different ways to provide car detailing services, the whole task is usually performed in two phases, such as exterior detailing and interior detailing. For you to know if you’re getting the best service, you have to know what tasks are performed in each phase.  

It’s necessary for you to break down the services performed in each phase so you can set the right expectations. If you’re unsure of the service, don’t hesitate to ask the technician about it. The best service providers will gladly guide you in every step of the way.  

What is Exterior Auto Detailing? 

When you send in your vehicle for car detailing, the service providers will usually start cleaning the exteriors. But this isn’t just any regular car washing because it’s going to be a rather exhaustive exterior cleaning process. They’ll try to remove as much grime and dirt from your car as possible. They’ll use soap to create foam to soften and remove all the mud and dirt off the car’s surface. 

If regular soap and water can’t restore the car to its usual form, the use of wheel cleaning products and special brushes comes next. Wheel cleaning products will take off the filth and dust from nut just the wheels but also the lug nuts and brake calipers. Everyone knows that the wheels are the dirtiest parts of most vehicles. 

What Else Is Done  

After handling the wheels, the car’s paintwork will be done next. The car’s body will be duly washed and dried from the top to the bottom, usually with the use of soft microfiber towels and wash mitts. The paintwork will be clayed using a special clay bar for cars. It will remove any hard-to-remove dirt off the car’s surface of the car, thus leaving your car’s coat clear. 

If necessary, the car’s paint will also be polished to remove any oxidation, swirl marks, and light scratches. Polishing may be done by hand or using a machine. This is actually a time-consuming task but the best service provider will go through it with sheer precision.  

The Finishing Touches 

Once the paintwork has been restored to showroom condition, the final tasks will be performed. Wax will be applied on the car’s surface to provide an added layer of protection. The use of high-quality waxes is advised, more particularly the ones that are carnauba based. Aside from providing additional protection, the wax will also give the car that noticeable.  

Once done with the body, all the other exterior parts will be cleaned. These are the windows and all rubber parts. They will be polished and then cleaned methodically. Finishing touches will also be added to the corners of the vehicle’s body and its exterior trim so as to make the car sparkle. 

Where to Get Exterior Car Detailing 

Don’t mistake exterior car detailing as mere car washing because these two services are very different. Exterior car detailing involves a lot of tasks than just cleaning the surface of the car with soap and water. If you want to get the best exterior car detailing Perth offers, simply find a reputable service provider near you.